About Us

Would it surprise you any to find out we’re long-term Fantasy Football enthusiasts who live, breathe and eat DFS all day, every day?

We hope not. And we hope that reflects in the content we provide for the avid Daily Fantasy Sports enthusiast – whether a first-timer or savvy vet looking to grind out just a few extra dollars.

We got our start in Fantasy Sports just like most people – amateur leagues on major sports sites like ESPN and Yahoo! We kept going deeper and deeper into Fantasy – keeper leagues, virtual GMs, the earliest days of DFS because we became obsessed with it.

For us there’s no bigger thrill than watching all of our passion for football actualized in a winning week in the biggest DFS comps running.

With the bodies of Offensive Lineman packed into the heights of oversized jockeys, it’s literally as close to a experiencing the rush of hitting the football field as we’re ever going to get.

Our team loyalties lie in various states of disarray – please don’t ask us about the butt fumble, ever – but our loyalty to the game and its players is true. We hope you enjoy reading about, trusting our analysis and making your picks every week as much as we do.