Daily Fantasy Footbal Advice - week two

Week 1 was exciting. Some players underperformed, others looked great. Some players didn’t get the rock, others where force-fed the ball. And some players got injured.

It’s a lot of information to process, but the work is worth it because the name of the game is to stay ahead of the curve.

Recap of my advice week 1

I told you to gamble. There where a lot of big surprises. To win at Daily Fantasy Football you need to gamble, because fantasy luck favors the bold. But it also favors the informed. Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles had injury problems and you could’ve got Spencer Ware at a cheap price. He produced 32 points, second of all running backs. So did Saints WR Willie Snead, fourth of all wide receivers. Snead had a good preseason, but I think nobody expected him to go off like that. The biggest surprise of them all was Colts TE Jack Doyle. With 18 points he was the top dog of tight ends week 1. He was the biggest outperformer of his price tag of the whole NFL in week 1.

It’s hard to find the right needle in the haystack. It’s a lot easier to say in which areas you shouldn’t look.

I told you to fade all Green Bay Packer players. That was excellent advice since nobody delivered according to his price tag. Except WR Davante Adams, 14 points from him was solid production. But I’m not looking for needles in the haystack, and you shouldn’t either.

The advice to fade all Arizona Cardinals players was also good. Nobody meet the expectation of his price tag. With one exception, Larry Fitzgerald would’ve been a very good buy with his 28 points. But overall Arizona was fade material.

Winning advice

You avoid teams that have bad situations and pick players in teams with good situations.

You try to find solid players who will contribute at a good rate, that have a high floor, and have a reasonable price tag.

And you swing for the fences on a couple of players. They will give you the win if they hit, and you just might win anyway because the rest of the players where solid. What you don’t want is an expensive player having a poor outing. That’s like fantasy cancer for your team.

Let’s apply those rules for week 2

Tips for week 2

The other side of the pie of avoiding teams in bad situations is to pick players at teams in good situations.

Five of the nine players on the optimal lineup at FanDuels played either for New Orleans Saints or Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a very good idea to pick several players on the same team if you want to win a jackpot.

Stay away from all players on Thursday Night Football. Buffalo Bills and New York Jets will neither put up a lot of points. The total is the lowest on the board, and the heavy hitters have pounded it down from the opening line of 42 down to 40.5.

The highest total on the board is New York Giants – New Orleans Saints at 51,5, trending upwards. Surely we can find Daily Fantasy Football gold in that matchup.

I prefer Eli Manning to Drew Brees as the Giants figures to score more points. 12 % discount at FanDuel is nice, but 7,3 % discount at DraftKings is not sexy enough.

I like both Saints WR’s Willie Snead and Brandin Cooks, but the price has to be right. At Fanduel we get a 14,3 % discount on Snead, which is not good enough. I rather have Cooks. At DraftKings we get a 27,5 % discount on Snead, making him the preferred choice. Daily Fantasy Football is all about relative prices, be sure to shop the right guy at the right place.

But it’s also about going against the tide. Both players will be popular choices week 2. The best advice could be to stay away if playing for the jackpot.

New Orleans Saints have one good corner back. Unfortunately Delvin Breaux got injured week 1. I cannot see anyone stopping Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. I seldom pick high priced players, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts up 40 points. Beckham Jr is a good cornerstone for your fantasy teams comes Sunday.

Carolina Panthers will have ten days to prepare for their home game. San Francisco 49ers will have four days, and have to travel across the country. Panthers just played the Super Bowl and 49ers is one of the worst teams in the NFL. Panther likes to pound on weak opponents and 49ers knows they cannot win this game as a 14-point underdog. You should have plenty of Panthers on your teams.

Cam Newton is the second most expensive QB this week, but will give you enough points to warrant the price tag.

Some would argue that RB Jonathan Stewart provides upside, as he will get the rock a lot if/when Panthers is up twenty points. I just think there are better options at that price range.

Kelvin Benjamin got 6 receptions, 91 yards and 1 TD on 12 targets. Expect even more against 49ers. Priced at the 14th WR at FanDuel he is excellent value. Priced at the 21st at DraftKings he is a must on every one of your teams.

WR Devin Funchess looked good last season and even better during preseaons. With only 4 targets week 1 he is already a forgotten man. He is dirt cheap now! Much better value than WR Ted Ginn at the same price.

TE Greg Olsen is expensive, but is a solid contributor. But I rather take QB Cam Newton and gamble on the more volatile TE-position.

Both the Kicker Graham Gano and the Defensive are among the most expensive at their respective position. Nothing wrong with picking them if you have dollars over. Great picks for cash games, but if you want to hit a jackpot you probably have to dig deeper.

The combo Cam Newton/Kelvin Benjamin/Devin Funchess can be fantasy gold. I’m going with it without a flinch.

Broncos RB C.J. Anderson was very impressive against Panthers. Colts have a lot of injuries on an already bad defense. He will be on all of my teams.

Chargers WR 1 Keenan Allen had a season ending injury in week 1. Somebody will have to get all those extra targets up for grabs. I believe that person is Tyrell Williams. San Diego looked very good and Williams can give you great production at a very low cost.

Tajae Sharpe is the clear-cut WR 1 for Titans. That is still not reflected in his price tag. He provides excellent value against Lions shaky defense in a probable shootout.