Daily Fantasy Football Advice - week 9 – Holton is the pick

Sports betting is all about relative value. You should always be ready to play either side, as long as the price is right and on your side.

The same is even truer in Daily Fantasy Sports. You have a salary cap and you must fill up all your rooster spots. That means you cannot pick all stud. But it means you can choose a lot of different strategies.

These are the two most popular strategies:

Studs and Duds – you pick a few expensive but solid stars that you like, and you fill up the rest of the rooster with cheap gambles. There is a good chance you get a solid return from a stud and you have a big upside. If you get production from one of your duds that you gambled on you are almost already in Cash City.

Value Town – you pick the players you think is good value at their price tag. Usually the studs are relatively too expensive and the duds are to risky, and you end up with a bunch of middle of the pack players. Nothing wrong with that strategy either.

This week FanDuel offers a very interesting proposition that I recommend you take advantage of. Perhaps it’s not optimal, but it will be a lot of fun. That’s what’s DFS is all about anyway.

Have you heard of Johnny Holton? Me neither, until this week. He is a wide receiver at Oakland Raiders. He has exactly one reception and two rushing attempts – all season long. He is up against Denver Broncos, the best defense in the league. You should plug him in your lineup!

I expect him to put up zero points. Still I recommend you to put him in your line up. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But not when it comes to DFS. The reason I like him is that FanDuel has a zero price tag on him. DraftKings has a salary of $3,000.

With the lovely Holton in your lineup you can afford all the sexy studs you want. Just remember that the strategy is probably better for cash games than for tournaments.

These are some studs I like this weekend:


Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. $8,600

Drew Brees, New Orleans Sainst against San Francisco 49ers. $8,600


Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys against Cleveland Browns. $9,200

LeVeon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers against Baltimore Ravens. $8,700


Matt Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Atlanta Falcons. $8,300

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers against Indianapolis Colts. $8,200


Trevis Kelche, Kansas City Chiefs against Jacksonville Jaguars. $6,600


Justin Tucker, Pittsburgh Steelers against Baltimore Ravens. $4,900


Seattle Seahawks against Buffalo Bills. $4,900

Very seldom is it right to pick a player with a projection of zero. But when the salary is zero also an opportunity arises. Put Johnny Holton in your rooster and fill up the rest of the spots with studs.

I don’t guarantee that you’ll win, but I guarantee that you will have a lot of fun.

Once in a blue moon the lightning strikes. If it strikes on Holton you can win the jackpot in the Sunday Million. That’s got to be worth a couple of lottery tickets.