Fifteen reasons why Daily Fantasy Football is better than Fantasy Football

There is a reason why everybody plays Daily Fantasy Football. Actually there are 15 reasons. Keep reading and you’ll even get a bonus reason at the end.

1. It’s more skill

The NFL consists of 32 teams with 53-man roosters. That’s 1696 players. Add to that the practice squads, a couple of hundred coaches and, why not, the weather while we’re at it.

Put that in a bowl of 17 weeks and spice it up with a few hundred injuries and you know it’s impossible to cover it all.

But in Daily Fantasy Football you can focus on certain details every week and use your skill to transform it to a competitive team every week.

You’ll probably need luck to, but the harder you work the luckier you tend to get.

2. You win more often

In the old form of Fantasy Football you have one bet for all season.

In Daily Fantasy Football you can have multiple bets every week. More action is more fun, and winning is a big part of that.

3. You can win big

In Daily Fantasy Football you can compete against thousand of others in gigantic pools. The dream of becoming a millionaire is always present.

4. You have fun all season long

If you have a bad draft or a couple of injuries your season can be over real quick.

But in Daily Fantasy Football you’ll make the playoffs. In fact, it’s the playoffs every week.

5. You can draft any player you like

Every season there are players that you liked, but didn’t draft because you can’t draft them all, and he turns up good numbers every week. Then he has the perfect matchup, the coach says he needs the ball more and you just know he’s going to kill it.

And don’t you just hate it when you’re facing him that week?

Well, in Daily Fantasy Football he can be on your team. You can even build many teams around your expected fantasy monster.

6. You don’t have to start a player you don’t like

You did all your homework and ended up with someone you like a little less than another one because of how the draft went, how expensive he got, or your team needs.

And then he doesn’t even get the ball. But his projections are high, you invested so much so you start him every week and he ruins your season.

In Daily Fantasy Football you can just forget about him and use your knowledge to pick someone who realize his potential on a weekly basis.

7. Draft on your own time for as long as you like

You can draft for as long as you like, doing detailed research if you like, or no research at all if you don’t have the time.

8. Every day is draft day

I love the draft. For me it’s the most fun. And in Daily Fantasy Football I get to draft everyday, for as long as I like.

9. Forget about bye weeks

Let’s be frank, bye weeks are no fun. It’s just a hassle that doesn’t add any fun or excitement. If you play Daily Fantasy Football you can say bye bye to bye-weeks.

10. Forget about injuries

Injuries are no fun either. Sure, they happen during the game, but at least they don’t ruin your season.

11. It doesn’t take long if you don’t want to

Life has a tendency to sometimes interfere with your Fantasy Football, and usually when you don’t have the time either. But if you play Daily Fantasy Football you only need to spend time when you have it.

12. You can root for any team you like on any given Sunday

If you’re like me you hate it when you have to root for the wrong team because of your fantasy position. It’s never fun to root against your favorite team, and it’s even worse if you have a bet on them.

If you play Daily Fantasy Football you will almost always root for the players on the team you’re rooting for.

13. You don’t have to commit to a full season

In a perfect world you can spend every waking hour on fantasy sport, but sometimes you have to do other stuff too.

Certain weeks you have very good ideas, and then you can really put in the hours to profit.

Other weeks you don’t have any clear ideas, and you can go easy on the investment in time and money.

14. You can be the expert more often

The flexibility to have full freedom to design your team every week will give you better results if you are skillful.

Perhaps more importantly it gives you more chances to show your friends how good you really are.     

15. It’s more fun.

It’s a lot more fun. You can pick as many teams you want or just one. You can play for a lot of money or for free. You can build your teams around one player or have a more balanced approach.

The strategies and tactics are endless, and so is the fun.