Daily Fantasy Football preview 2016 NFC West

Finding fantasy gold for you division-by-division, team-by-team, and position-by-position.

Seattle Seahawks

One of the best teams in the entire NFL, with probably the best home field advantage in any sport. There is a lot to like about this team and a lot of fantasy goodness to find.

Quarter Back

Russel Wilson had the highest passing rating according to NFL.com with 110,1 last season. And it would be a lot higher if you only counted the last seven games.

That doesn’t even take into account his mad scrambling ability.

He threw 24 touchdowns and one interception in the last seven games after the offense shifted to emphasize quicker passes, timing routes and spread formations. He was sacked 31 times in the first seven games and just 15 times in the last nine games.  And he produced 26,6 fantasy points per game.

He has arguably the worst offensive line in the league, but he has previously showed that it’s not a problem.

There are a lot of arguments for Russel Wilson to be ranked the number one QB. He is a very safe pick and will provide you with good Daily Fantasy Football value, at least at the beginning of the season.

Running Back

Beastmode Marshawn Lynch is retired, but I think he was a bit overvalued and a result of good circumstances. That means that we can probably find fantasy goodness in his replacements.

Thomas Rawls is currently consensus ranked 16th. You gotta love him at that price, he looked good last year.

He will be a good Daily Fantasy Football value pick in the first couple of weeks.

Wide Receiver

Doug Baldwin produced at a historic rate down the stretch.  Nobody expects him to keep it up, but he is still great value as consensus ranked 25th.

The combo Wilson-Baldwin will take you a long way in the beginning of the season before the rest of the world catches up.

Both Tyler Lockett and Jermaine Kearse showed talent last season, but they need to show more on a consistent basis before we invest in them. But keep a very close eye on Tyler Lockett.

Tight End

Jimmy Graham is very good, but injury prone and almost always overvalued because of his production in New Orleans. No thank you.


Probably the best defense in the league. But is flying a little bit under the radar and they will produce over their price tag on a regular basis.

Me like!


Yes, in certain situations. Be sure to check out me weekly tips every Thursday.

Arizona Cardinals

A good team, but might have been a product of a very favorable schedule last season.



Carson Palmer is getting old. He was horrible in the play offs. There is a real chance of a big drop-off.

Don’t even think about drafting him. At least not the first couple of weeks. He needs to prove that he still got it.


David Johnson was amazing down the stretch.  He will continue to produce, especially if Cason Palmer doesn’t. But David Johnson is consensus ranked 3rd, and I cannot see any value in picking him any given Sunday. At least not now.


Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and John Brown are all great Wide Receivers, but that is a lot of mouths to feed and since I don’t trust Palmer I will stay away from his babies.

Don’t make the mistake of picking Jaron Brown thinking you’re getting a bargain for John Brown.


No thank you.


A good defense that will provide value certain weeks. I will tell you when to get them.


Chandler Catanzaro could be a real fantasy star. If Carson Palmer regresses the TD’s will turn into FG’s instead. Cardinals have a good defense so they will probably be satisfied with field goals to.

Los Angeles Rams

The team has moved from Saint Louis to The Angels, St. Louis to Los Angeles. But the hype will soon fade.


The number one draft pick Jared Goff is very talented, but not NFL ready

Don’t even think about touching him.


Last year’s rookie sensation Todd Gurley looked amazing when he came back from an injury. He will be force-fed the ball and could end up with the most touches in the league.

But everybody knows he’s getting the ball, the O-line is really bad and every fantasy player on the planet knows he’s great.

Todd Gurley will have spectacular weeks, but he will be very inconsistent.


No thank you.


Are you kidding me?


Yes, it’s a good defense, with a bad offense that will milk the clock with their RB.


Why not, but only when the circumstances are perfect.

San Francisco 49ers

Another team where a billionaire baby inherits a NFL franchise, makes bad decisions and sink the organization.

Perhaps new Head Coach Chip Kelly will revolutionize the offense, but don’t even dream about an investment before he shows you something.


Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick. What do you prefer for dinner, mud pie or sand cake?


Carlos Hyde is an interesting option. He looked good last year and somebody has to do it.

I will monitor him closely.


Torrey Smith could actually be in store for a rebound season. He is seriously undervalued as consensus ranked 46th. He is the clear-cut WR1 and can make you a very happy camper in garbage time. But on the other hand, does Blaine Gabbert even have the ability to throw down field?


Forget about it.


Not without talent, but almost. This could be a franchise in free fall. 49ers have 49 million dollars in cap space they don’t want to use. Do they plan to tank and draft their franchise QB as number one next April?


Please no.