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Daily Fantasy Football Advice week 14 – Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas times. The players in NFL are tired, injured and sometimes just don’t care anymore. The DFS players are tired and don’t have the time to dig deep because they have to buy presents and attend Christmas plays. The weather can be cold, rainy and – most fantasy important – windy.

This is the time of the year to reap what you sow. It’s the time of the year when your opponents keeps on giving. It’s Christmas time, baby!

Happy Holidays, because Christmas has already started.

Players I dislike week 14


QB Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Mariota looks like he will develop into one of the great QB’s in the league. And he has been fantasy gold this year.

But he’s facing the all-healthy defense of Denver Broncos – the defense that won the Super Bowl last year with the worst QB-play of all time.  Broncos corner backs Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. are ranked 1&2 in the whole NFL.

Next week Marcus Mariota might be back on the love list, but Daily Fantasy Sports is all about situations and price.

RB Rashad Jennings, New York Giants

Jennings has never impressed me much, and more importantly I don’t think he’s fully back from his injury.

Dallas Cowboys allows only 71,3 rushing yards per game and allows the third lowest running back points per game with 12,3.

I expect the Cowboys to avenge their only loss this season in week 1 against Giants and win comfortably. If Giants find themselves in a hole they will abandon the running game.

WR Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings

Not many have noticed, but the defense of Jacksonville Jaguars is coming together. They have 5(!) first round picks from the last two drafts in their defensive starting lineup.

Jaguars have been the passing defense the last four weeks. Expect that trend to continue against a struggling Vikings offense.

TE Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings

See all above about Stefon Diggs. I like both of them a lot, but not this week in these circumstances.


Players I like week 14


QB Robert Griffin III, Cleveland Browns

Yes, RGIII is still in the league. This could be his last shot, and even he knows that now. Expect his best effort.

This is Cleveland Browns best, and perhaps last, chance to win a game this season. They don’t wanna go 0-16 and will fight as if it where Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals season is over. They don’t care about this game even though it’s against the divisional foe from their twin city. They just want to get the match over with and go home.

RGIII can run and with some luck he can rack up a lot of fantasy points.

RGIII is dirt-cheep.  He’s ranked 29th at DraftKings for the minimum $5,000, and ranked 30th at FanDuel for $6,200.

That’s a lot of saved dollars for other positions. I strongly recommend RGIII as a bank for all your fantasy teams.

QB Kirk Cousin, Washington Redskins

If the weather is really harsh and unfriendly in Cleveland come Sunday you have a good alternative in Kirk Cousin at a good price against the very forgiving defense of Philadelphia Eagles.

RB Dion Lewis, New England Patriots

The Gronk is out for the season and Patriots two-tight ends-attack with it.

Dion Lewis is a PPR-monster that’s completely forgotten because he has been injured most of the season. But now he’s back.

Baltimore Ravens have the number one ranked running defense that will scare away many DFS players. But that’s good news! Fewer attempts for LeGarrette Blount and more for Dion Lewis.

Dion Lewis does his damage in the passing games when getting the ball in a screen passes behind the D-line.

Dion Lewis is an absolute steel this week. Ranked 36th of runningbacks for $5,400 at FanDuel and ranked 48th for $3,900 at DraftKings.

Dion Lewis is your jackpot ticket. Put him in every one of your lineups.

WR Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps not the sexiest pick, but he gets the job done week after week. You cannot ask for much more than that.

Green Bays secondary does not scare anybody.

TE Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

Witten is looking better and better. One of these matches he will go off with big numbers. I think this Sunday night against New York Giants that will focus on stopping RB Zeke Elliot and the two stud wide receivers Dez Bryant and Cole Beasly.

Did I mention that Witten usually do well against divisional foe New York Giants?

K Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

I will keep rolling with the best kicker in the league. Patriots in the cold Boston will make redzone stops. And Tucker will keep on making field goals.

D Tennessee Titans

Titans defense are sneaky good. At home against a week Denver Broncos offense? Sounds good to me.


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