Daily Fantasy Football Advice week 20 – Conference Finals

With only two games this weekend there is not a lot of players to choose from when deciding on your lineups. But it could still be fun. And it is. So let’s dig into the options.

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons

The game will be played indoors in what is the last game ever in Georgia Dome before moving to the new stadium next season. I’m sure that the Falcons want to go out on a high note, and the crowd will scream loud to take them there.

The odds makers in Vegas have made the line 60. It’s the highest total of the season and the highest total in the play offs ever.

Atlanta Falcons is expected to put up 32,5 points. They have statistically the best offense by a wide margin of all teams. It’s even spectacular in a historic perspective. 

Green Bay Packers has a middle of the road defense, but they have cluster injuries in their secondary. I cannot vision them stopping the Falcons.

Green Bay Packers has a very potent offense with one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. They where in big trouble in the middle of the season after four straight losses, but QB Aaron Rodgers promised to “turn the tables” and so he did. He has looked unstoppable in Packers eight straight victories. Packers will put up 27,5 points according to Vegas.

Atlanta Falcons defense is also average. They have outperformed the expectations so far, but are a young and ieexperienced bunch and a big mistake is not out of the question.

There will be fireworks in this game. Falcons has no injuries and can attack in multiple different ways. Packers has injuries on their two best wide receivers. Falcon’s offense looks stronger.

The intangible factor is fatigue. There is a chance that Packers have run out of gas after their eight straight must-wins.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

Vegas says that Steelers will put up 22 points and Patriots 28 points for a combined 50 points.

The weather will be freezing cold and both teams have better defenses than in the other matchup. Both teams also like to run more than the teams in the other games.

The smart thing should be to fill your line-ups with players from the other matchup. But there are potent players in this match too that can put up points.

Steelers want to pound the rock with RB Le’Veon Bell.

Patriots like to change their tactic from game to game. Last week RB Dion Lewis was fantasy gold, this week he might not put up any points at all.


Aaron Rodgers, Packers, has been the hottest QB down the stretch. He doesn’t have a run game to lean on. He would be my option if he had a healthy receiving core, but he has not and is therefore risky.

Matt Ryan, Falcons, is also playing at MVP-level. He’s $400 cheaper than Rodgers on both FanDuel and DraftKings. He is my choice.


Steelers Le’Veon Bell is a lot more expensive than all other options, but he’s probably worth it. If he goes off – I think he will – and you don’t have him in your lineup you are facing a steep uphill battle.

Falcons Devonte Freeman is a riskier alternative. Tevin Coleman is healthy and got a lot of touches last week. Split carries is DFS death.

Patriots James White could be a cheap lottery ticket.


Jordy Nelson, Packers, have minimum two cracked ribs. As an old boxer I’ve experienced it myself a couple of times. He might play, but will stay on the sideline after the first tackle. Let somebody else pick him.

The same goes for Devante Adams. He is not 100% and you should not pick him.

This opens up value in Packers other wide receivers. Randal Cobb is a must in your line-ups. Geronimo Allison looked good last week and is my best play for the week.


With Packers WR1 and WR2 half-injured there should be even more value to be found.

Packers TE Jared Cook has looked very good. He’s getting a lot of targets and is a very safe option.


Steelers had big red zone problems last week against Kansas City Chiefs. Six visits resulted in zero TD’s and six field goals. The problems could continue away against the Patriots.

Chris Boswell, Steelers is the play.


I would choose a defense of a home team. Packers Aaron Rodgers will have to gamble to hang with Falcons on the scoreboard. With his best targets injured and a team that might be out of gas the choice seems simple.

Pick Falcons D. It’s also a contrarian play, because your opponents will be scared of Rodgers.