Daily Fantasy Football is better than sex

There might be some game of chance deep in the Borneo jungle that I haven’t tried, but other than that I’ve tried them all. Once you get educated games based purely on chance lose its appeal.

I will always like to gamble, like everybody else (even if some don’t admit it), but I prefer games of chance with an element of skill. It’s called evolution. Neanderthals play slots and I play games of skill like Poker, Sports Betting and Fantasy Football.

I have played games all my life. As a teenager I competed in chess, I have bet on sports and played poker professionally and was even runner up in the Swedish Monopoly Championship. You already know that it took a bad beat to lose. I rolled an eleven (1/18) and stepped on Park Lane with a hotel.

Trust me when I say that I’m an expert on games, games on chances and games of skill. And trust me when I say to you that Daily Fantasy Football is the best game there is.

Daily Fantasy Football is the most fun, and most skillful game of all. Sounds like a pretty nice combo if you ask me. And you do, since you’re reading this.

Fantasy Football Leagues is great fun, but if you’re unlucky in the draft and have some schmuck picking all your targets just before you it sucks. And if you are in an auction league it can be even worse. I have players in my 14-team league overbidding me just on principal. They know that I’m knowledgeable, have done the research and figures that it’s good value to overbid me with a dollar. Now, when I have won two years in a row, I expect the trend to be real troublesome. My plan is to bid on players I don’t want, to punish the copycats. It could be fun, but its’ a gamble and a dangerous game to play and it could ruin my own season.

Fantasy Football is great fun, but if you’re unlucky and have your big pick injured and out for the season you could be out of contention. I had RB Le’Veon Bell (I had to for 52 dollars) in one of my leagues last year and it was game over when he went down.

There are many things out of control that could ruin your season, like a trade for example, and that is no fun when it happens week 4. That’s why Daily Fantasy Football is a superior product. You can do your homework all season long, and be greatly rewarded all season long.

Every week there are undervalued players that have great form, juicy matchups, or will get a lot of targets, and sometimes all of the above. In Daily Fantasy Football you can take advantage of you knowledge, research and conclusion, and that’s why I love Daily Fantasy Football.

So do everybody else. It’s the most fun, and it’s the most skill. That’s why Daily Fantasy Football is growing faster than anything else. Sure, you can get unlucky any given Sunday. But you can get lucky too. You need it of course, but with hard work you can greatly increase you’re chance of getting lucky and hit it big. And if not, you have a new chance next week.

Daily Fantasy Football is better than sex. Given how much money and hard labour you have to put in to score in the sex game you have much better return on your investment playing Daily Fantasy Football. The expected value is so much better (+EV) that it’s not even the same gender.

Daily Fantasy Football will last all Sunday, and sex will not. And if it does you probably won’t like it anyway. In fact, Daily Fantasy Football can last from Thursday to Monday, and if sex last that long you’re probably tied up or something.

Even when you’re running bad Fantasy Football is pretty exciting, because you always have the chance of a miracle comeback. But when sex is bad it never turns around, you just want to get out of the misery.

Sex can be pretty awesome, but Daily Fantasy Football is always awesome.  All the way through the week. At the beginning of the week when you study matchups and research injuries and form, in midweek when you calculate the prices of the players trying to find the optimal line up. During the game of course, and all the game to the end, a team piling up garbage points is fantasy gold from heaven. Even after it’s all over you have fun checking out how you should have done, with the realization of how close you where.

Sex is not particularly fun when you plan how to get it because you have the ache. Getting close to sex it pretty fun, if you get it, otherwise it sucks more than being a munk. Having sex is pretty much always fun, but afterwards there is a lot of times you wish you could do a magic disappearance trick.

If you are in a long-term relationship sex can become routine, and is often not as exciting as in the beginning of the relationship. But Daily Fantasy Football is something completely new every Sunday.

If you’re still not convinced perhaps your last line of defense is that an orgasm is pretty spectacular. I’ll give you that. Especially if you are a woman. But that’s nothing compared to hitting the jackpot in Daily Fantasy Football.