Daily Fantasy Football – Winning strategies for getting lucky

The most important thing for winning in Daily Fantasy Football is luck. The same goes for any game with an element of luck. Actually it goes for your life too.

Unfortunately you cannot change your luck. That doesn’t stop a lot of people from trying to change their luck by avoiding black cats, number 13 or something similar stupid. But if you are a thinking person, and I assume you are, keep reading and I will help you with some advice to increase your skill level. To improve is, by the way, the best way to get lucky.

First of all you need to understand the rules. Be sure to understand the scoring system and other basic stuff.

Second of all you need to understand the goal in the specific game you play. Yes, it’s winning, but how differs a lot.

If you are playing Head-to-Head you either win or lose. If you are playing 50/50 or Double-Ups half the field wins and the strategy should obviously be the same.

If you are playing GPP’s (guaranteed price pools) the price structure is very top-heavy and that calls for a very different strategy. The more extreme payout structure the more extreme strategy is called for.

For payouts in between (20% – 40%) you should find a balance between the two strategies described below.

Winning strategies for Daily Fantasy Football with a flat payout structure (50 %)

Your goal is to build a solid well-balanced team with low risk. The whole idea is to not lose. Safety first. It’s not boring if you win.



Do not gamble at this position! QB’s produce the most points and you should pick a solid stud. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, but it must be a safe pick.




Try to pick two solid ones that will get the ball a lot. You want bell cows that will provide you with 100 yards and not are TD dependent.

Don’t spend money on the most sexy and therefore expensive picks. A lot can go wrong at the RB position, save the money and get two grinders.




This is where you should spend your dollars. WR studs provide points with a lot better consistency than RB’s, and consistency is the name of the game in Head-to-Head.




This is a very volatile position. Hence, don’t overspend. Usually TE production is TD dependent and therefore hard to predict.

Try to find a TE that is a QB’s safety blanket and gets a lot of targets.

If you absolutely love some WR studs one week you could also go for a very cheap option at TE. It won’t break the bank, it will not lose the match for you, but with a TD it will probably win it for you.




Pick a solid defense at a decent price. Focus on the opponent.

Don’t pick a team away against a great QB if you can get minus points. Don’t do it anyway actually.

Look for a home team against a weak opponent and a shaky QB.




Don’t spend more than minimum. Try to find a team that is predicted to score a lot of points. That way you at least get some extra points. Predicting field goals are hard.

Don’t buy Pittsburgh Steelers kicker. They attempted the most two-point conversions last year, and there is talk about them going for it every time.

Winning strategies for Daily Fantasy Football with a top heavy payout structure (10 % or less)


Gamble like crazy! Hardly any idea is stupid. To beat a big field you need to get lucky. So you build a team with boom-or-bust potential.




Gamble! Pick a moderate priced QB that can go off for a big day. I love mediocre QB’s away against a high-octane offense.

It’s a sweat day in Daily Fantasy Football Paradise when he racks up 2 TD’s and 200 yards in garbage time in the fourth quarter and surpass the high-priced QB on the other side of the field.




Pick one stud and one gamble.

You cannot gamble on every position (because you will have dollars left) and getting a RB stud can pay off.

It’s difficult enough to hit with two RB gambles. If you hit with one and your stud has a good day, you are ahead of almost the entire field already.




Take two studs and a gamble. You can afford it.

Your gamble should be a player that has gone off before and has a good matchup. Example: a WR2 away when the team is a huge underdog. Garbage points counts just as much. The WR1 is covered with an excellent CB1 at a team that has not much behind. Pick a speedster that can really burn a subpar CB for a couple of 60-yard TD’s.





Pick someone that has gone off big before, has recently had a bad stretch and is flying under the radar, and has a good matchup. A lot of teams have trouble stopping TE’s. Research will be fruitful.




You want defenses that are opportunistic, capable of interceptions and turnovers.

It can actually be a good strategy to pick a defense against a good offense, because nobody else will and if you get lucky with a pick-6 you are looking really good.

Pay close attention to the weather. Bad weather greatly benefits fantasy defenses, and Domes sucks.



Pick a kicker on a team with a good offense against a good defense. Hope for red-zone stops and enjoy the field goals. It’s even better if your team has a good defense, because points will be at a premium and teams more likely to settle for field goals.


Play it safe with a flat payout structure.

Gamble in GPP’s

It’s as simple as that!