Daily Fantasy Football preview 2016 NFC East

Finding fantasy gold for you division-by-division, team-by-team, and position-by-position.

Dallas Cowboys

Injuries derailed last season, but with a healthy team there could be a Super Bowl on the horizon.

Quarter Back

Tony Romo is undervalued. If he stays healthy he should outperform his ranking. At the right price I’ll take a bit certain weeks. There are bad defenses in NFC East and you can expect shootouts.

Running Back

Rookie Ezekiel Elliot was picked 4th overall in the draft. They say he’s the best prospect since Adrian Peterson. He will be playing for a team that will force feed him the ball if he can handle it (remember DeMarco Murray 2014?) behind an O-line that is by far the best in the league, and they are all 25 or younger so they will probably improve as well.

There is only one problem – expectations. Since Todd Gurleys performance last season no one is all of a sudden afraid to pick rookie RB’s. I love Ezekiel Elliots potential, but the risk is higher than what people give credit for.

Do you remember Trent Richardson? You will soon forget him since he probably will not make the Colts 53-man rooster. He was one of “three sure-thing-players” in the 2012 draft according to Colts VC Bill Polian. Cleveland Browns picked him 3rd overall.

Stay away from Ezekiel Elliot the first few weeks.

Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant is one of the top WR’s in the league. He could be a good choice certain weeks if you need a stud. But you will not find any excellent value with him.

Tight End

Jason Witten is forgotten. Consensus ranked 17th he will give you excellent bang for your bucks.




Yes, absolutely. Dan Baily is one of the better kickers in the league in a good offense in an advantageous division.

Philadelphia Eagles

Has been the clowns of the league the last five seasons or so with many head scratching moves.


Sam Bradford or Carson Wentz. Eagles has to pick their poison, but we don’t.


Ryan Matthews is a seriously talent that has seen his career ruined by injuries. Now he is the clear-cut RB1 and is a perfect player for the first few weeks in Daily Fantasy Football. Until the rest of the fantasy world catches on and/or he gets injured again

Darren Sproles is intriguing in PPR, but only as a cheap gamble certain weeks. I will tell you if and when in my weekly Thursday column.


Jordan Matthews could be a value play, but only by default because there is nothing behind him.


Zach Ertz had the potential and had a buzz around him, but he started off bad. So nobody seems to remember his excellent finish. Ranked at 9th I see a lot of potential. He could finish top 3 this season.


A very opportunistic defense, which is exactly what you should look for in Daily Fantasy Football. But only certain weeks.


Cody Parkey didn’t impress last year. No thank you.

New York Giants

This could be the year of gigantic Giant fantasy points production.


No fantasy player likes Eli Manning. Who cares about the two Super Bowl rings when he is an interception machine? In 2013 he threw 18 TD’s and 27 interceptions. Yikes!

But after that Giants hired Packers QB coach Ben McAdoo from Packers as their new offensive coordinator. He has upped the pace and Eli Manning has had the most pass attempts in his career with 601 in 2014 and 608 in 2015. His previous high came in 2012 with 589 and his season average was 534. Volume equals fantasy points, especially for QB’s.

Eli Manning has outperformed his fantasy ranking two-years in a row finishing 10th both years. This season he is ranked 10th and he will outperform that consensus ranking.

His O-line sucks, but so they did the last two seasons as well and he has the best receiving weapons he ever had.

He is inconsistent, which is even better, because it will keep the price tag down. Eli Manning will provide you with Daily Fantasy Football gold certain weeks. Pure gold, I’m telling you.


Both Rashad Jennings and Shane Vereen are good pass catchers, but nothing extra as runners. It’s Eli Manning that you want.


Odell Beckham Jr. was a sensation last season. Expect more of the same, but just don’t expect him to outperform his price tag.

Victor Cruz was great once upon a time, but players seldom come back from his kind of injury. Anything is a bonus.

Rookie Sterling Shepard gets raving review from training camp and could be jackpot. Pair him with Eli Manning the first week and you could hit it big.


I liked Larry Donnell, but after getting injured Will Tye broke through. I will monitor the situation closely. If Will Tye is the number one guy you have to love him at his price tag. He is consensus ranked 26th and could easily break into top 10. A cheap gamble is exactly what you want at the volatile TE-position.


Absolutely not.


The defense is so bad that Giants probably have to go for TD’s all the time, but maybe at the right price.

Washington Redskins

Redskins could be a good team, but last seasons result could also be the fortune of a good schedule. Be careful investing in this team before they have proven things.


Kirk Cousins proved a lot of haters wrong last season, but I want him to show me something when the opponents have more time to plan against him and also will do it before I invest in him.


Matt Jones flashed potential in his rookie season, but he also made a lot of mistakes. He’s a perfect candidate for the wait-and-see-approach that I will have with the whole team.


DeSean Jackson is consensus ranked 36th. That’s pretty ridicules, and there is absolute value with him. But I still recommend a wait-and-see approach with him.


There has always been a buzz about Jordan Reed. After he came back from an injury he was the most impressive TE of all. He can definitely finish with the TE fantasy point crown

But since I’m skeptic about the team as a whole and I don’t like to buy the flavor of the day and instead go for proven value I will stay away early in the season.


Probably better than people think, but at most a situational fantasy bet once or twice during the season.


Dustin Hopkins who?