Killer Kicker tips all season long

Daily Fantasy Football is fun, fun and fun. There’s nothing more obvious than that. Almost as obvious is the fact that it’s more fun to win than to lose.

We’re biologically designed to enjoy winning and dislike losing. This concept is called evolution, and it took us to the top of the food chain and it’s almost scary to imagine where it’s going to take the human race in the future.

Daily Fantasy Football is the pinnacle of evolution when it comes to enjoyable games, so let’s enjoy it. And let’s win so we have even more fun.

The two big sites for Daily Fantasy Football are DraftKings and FanDuel. They have very similar products. In fact they are so similar that a lot of the players forget that there are differences. This article will help you take advantage of the differences.

There are other good options out there, but for the purpose of this article I’ll focus on the big dogs. If you try out any other option be sure to know the scoring system and other intricate details, and how that should affect your strategy.

The scoring system is very similar, but with two exceptions.

  1. Fumble Lost: DraftKings -1 and FanDuel -2
  2. Receptions: Draftkings 1 and FanDuel 0,5

RB Adrian Peterson, Vikings led the NFL last year with six fumbles.

It’s a factor you don’t have to care about as you can see from the stats.

That 0,5 per receptions on the other hand can stack up and is more important than it looks.

WR Antonio Brown, Steelers and WR Julio Jones, Falcons led the league with 136 receptions each during regular season. That’s 4,25 points more per game at DraftKings compared to FanDuel.

Draftkings also rewards 3 points for a +100 yards receiving yards for a game. It’s definitely worth trying to dig up favorable matchups for big time receivers.

DraftKings gives you a fictional $50 000 to spend on your lineup. FanDuel gives you a fictional $60 000 to spend on your lineup. This makes it hard to compare the prices. The good thing is that it’s not necessary. You only need to compare the player’s price at the same site.

You pick nine players as your lineup on both DraftKings and Fanduel. On both sites you pick 1 QB (Quarterback), 2 RB (Running back), 3 WR (Wide receiver), 1 TE (Tight end) and 1 D (Defense).

The difference is that at DraftKings you pick a Flex (RB/WR/TE) and at FanDuel you pick a kicker in your line up.

It’s a matter of taste. With more options in your lineup and more combinations of players of different cost you can really use skill and be rewarded for your hard work. If you’re not interested in Kickers you have one less thing to worry about.

Me, on the other hand, love Kickers in Fantasy Football. Most people don’t focus on them, and even less have a clue about what to look for. If you like Kickers like me perhaps you prefer FanDuel?

Another good thing about Kickers is that the sites don’t seem to have a clue either, for example DraftKings who don’t care at all. The price is often very similar for players at FanDuel, which is all the merrier for us who have a kicker fetish.

The sites set the prices early in the week and the weather can change a lot come Sunday. That is especially true during the end of the season. You can find incredible value relative value when there is a snowstorm on the east cost and you pick a kicker in a dome.

The difference between kickers is bigger than the conventional wisdom, and more so than ever with the new two-point conversion rule.

Carolina Panthers made 59 extra point attempts last season. San Francisco 49ers made 21 attempts.

Pittsburgh Steelers made 42 Field Goal attempts last season. Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins only 16 each.

Five teams made 100 percent of the extra point attempts. Jacksonville Jaguars made 82,1 percent of the attempts.

Don’t let anybody tell you that Kicker is not important.

They are just ignorant. And that is exactly what you want in a fantasy opponent.

Pittsburgh Steelers tried 11 two-point attempts last season. Green Bay Packers where second with 6. I expect Steelers to try even more with the trio QB Ben Roethlisberger, RB Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown all healthy at the same. I will probably not have Steelers Kicker Shaun Suisham in my Daily Fantasy lineup all season long. The offense is just too good.

Five teams had no two-point tries at all last season: Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. That’s more interesting when picking a kicker.

What I look for is favorable weather conditions or a dome. A team with a good offense against a good defense – so they can move the chains but get stopped in the red zone and have to go for the field goal. And a team with a good defense – so the offense can settle for field goals.